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XPTNN is community of knowledge organizers from all over the world. XPTNN has No restriction, No suspension, No need to create account (optional) And No spy. This website is based on freedom of speech unlike others. Ask, get answer and earn points .

XPTNN was founded to motivate and assist people to advocate for themselves regardless of their interests or concerns. XPTNN believes that our collective quality of life is enhanced when individual participation in public and consumer affairs is increased. XPTNN believes that having active and informed voters is the key to having a democratic process that works. XPTNN is not affiliated with any cause, but believes that elected officials should act in the public interest after considering the interests of all of their constituents, and not just special interests.We supports all means of objectively informing and educating the public about candidates and issues. XPTNN encourages people to take direct action on issues of concern. XPTNN maintains a website to provide citizens with an easy means of contacting government officials and agencies and to keep themselves informed.

Why Register With XPTNN

1. You can view, ask, answer and search without creating an account, but to have your questions & answers earn you points you will need to create an account.
2. Ask any question is simple in seconds.
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How To Get Answer From Experts

Identify your concerns.
Determine what matters to YOU. Go with your gut and use your common sense. If no one else has raised the same issue before, your questions may mark the beginning of real progress for everyone.
Identify the best person to answer your question(s).
Students with questions about their studies usually seek answers from their teachers. People who are concerned about eliminating the discharge of toxic materials into their local water supply may need to ask questions of several people, including government, company, and environmental officials. Don’t be surprised if the “right” person to ask changes over time.
Understand the interests of the person answering your questions.
In order for an answer to be useful to you, it’s important to understand how it may be biased. The interests of the answerer are almost always different from your interests. Appreciating these differences ahead of time will allow you to tailor your efforts to be more productive.
Ask the questions that address your concerns.
When it’s time to actually ask, stay focused on your concerns and ask relevant questions. Don’t be shy or anxious; the only “dumb” questions are truly those that never get asked.
Ask more questions.
Be persistent. Listen to the answers to your questions, and ask more questions if necessary to get the information you seek. Some people or entities count on not getting asked those “follow-up” questions. Don’t give them the satisfaction!