Facts about Foam Rollers and the Benefits in Using Them A muscles roller or a foam roller is a very helpful device for people. The advantage of this device is that it can become a necessary tool to improve your performance and the quality of your life. One advantage of a foam roller is that it reduces the extent of injuries or the possibility of an injury when you are warming up. Using this tool activates your muscles and allows the easy flow of blood, and thus minimizes the chances of having an injury and the increase of the severity of your present injury. After exercises, the foam roller decreases the recovery time because it mimics the massage of deep tissue. The flow of the blood carrying oxygen and nutrients is improved by using the foam roller, and together, it facilitates the immediate removal of toxins from your body thereby improving greatly your recovery time.
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Foam rollers ease our back pains, sore calves, runner’s knee and other types of pains. This is due to a concentrated pressure on points all over the body thus relieving the pains easily.
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Tight muscles will also loosen up with the use of this muscle roller, plus it relieves soreness and muscle tension similar to the effect of the deep massage. A good foam roller will be able to give you the intensity of the massage depending on your needs. Foam roller comes in a wide range as sold in the market, and thus it is important that you know these choices before buying them so you can get the best roller that will serve your needs. The first type of foam roller is the EPE foam roller which is relatively cheap because of its low quality, and this is described as having a pool noodle surface finish. But if you are still starting to use this tool, you can make this as your initial use. Another type of foam roller is the EVA foam roller which has a better quality and durability, has a smooth finish than the EPE foam roller, and although a bit expensive, it can offer better results in massage. Considered as more effective than the previous EPE and EVA foam rollers, the next foam roller is the molded rollers which are smooth in finish, can last long and offer amazing massage results. Considered now as the most popular in the market are the rumble rollers, with small flat square ridges and smooth features, and this is a better choice because it can better reach difficult areas like the shoulder and the hips. You can buy any of this kind of rollers depending on your specific needs and budget.