Thinking About Moving Off the Grid? Read This Guide!

Every year, it seems that more and more families are leaving urban and suburban areas for rural regions. There are a number of reasons for this migration. All families have their own reasons, obviously, but the majority are making an effort to avoid crime-ridden areas, enjoy more nature, or eliminate their dependence on smartphones and other pieces of technology. In some rather extreme circumstances, families opt to start living off-the-grid completely; these households sometimes don’t even have electricity.

If you’re considering a move to the country or an off-the-grid lifestyle, there are a wide variety of issues you should consider first, particularly if you haven’t ever been a rural-dweller in the past. The rest of this guide showcases a small sampling of the things you ought to discuss with your spouse and children before you make your big move. There are also many other factors you’ll have to consider, but these can serve as a starting point.

Is Growing Our Food a Priority?
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Lots of families who move to the country consider having the ability to grow their own food a priority. This is a big undertaking, though! A gardening tactic that a huge number of people are turning to is known as hydroponics. Building a hydroponic system will require some effort on your part, but when it’s completed, you and your family will never again lack perfectly fresh fruits and veggies! Hydroponic lettuce systems are particularly popular.
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What Types of Animals Would We Like to Own?

Often, when people move to rural locales, particularly if they want to go totally off-the-grid, the decide to buy livestock of some sort. In advance of moving, it’s a good idea to have at least some concept of the sorts of animals you want to invest in. If, for instance, having a small herd of sheep is something you’re interested in, you should also look into buying some dogs that protect sheep. Livestock guardian animals, such as the dogs you just read about, are an expenditure that people who don’t know much about rural life tend to forget to account for before they move.

What Kind of House is Right For Us?

There are a few types of houses that tend to populate rural regions. Some families want to live in farmhouses that have already been standing for a hundred years. In other situations, though, people want to build cabins from the ground-up; this tends to be popular among the off-the-grid set. Depending upon the remoteness of your new property, it might also be beneficial to stock your house with guns and knives to hunt and protect your loved ones from any wild animals that may come onto your land.