Various Benefits Associated With Green Tea. These processes, are not used in preparing green beverage. Green tea’s origin is China, but it is used by many nations within the continent. Different types of green tea usually have different tastes, due to an element such as the time of harvest, production processing, growing conditions, horticultural methods and variety of camellia used. Reasons why it I advisable for human to have green tea in their tea cups. Green tea normally helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism. Green tea contains an important element, that enhances the fat breakdown as well as the speed at which calories are formed. One of the most natural ways to reduce excessive fats in a human’s body is by green tea consumption. Another health advantage in green tea drinking is that it reduces the chances to get diabetes. The rise of blood sugar after eating, is slowed by the help of green tea which regulates glucose levels in the body. Basically, this reduces the chances of more insulin thus, leading into storage of fats.
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Green tea helps in reducing the risks of getting heart diseases. According to the scientists, green tea usually works on the blood vessels’ lining thus, helping them stay relaxed as well as be able to withstand blood pressure changes. What causes heart attacks, is the formation of clots in the blood and green tea ha the solution to this.
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Green tea, also, helps reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Basically, what the tea does, it kills the cancer cells without having to destroy healthy tissue around them. Vitamin and minerals contained in green tea, helps in enhancing health throughout the body. The eye tissues that lead to glaucoma, are protected and strengthened by the vitamin C and E as well as the lutein that are present in green tea. It also helps in keeping a person’s gums healthy. The bacteria leads to gum inflammation where many people are greatly affected. The tea normally ha the anti-inflammatory elements that control the periodontal illness. A person suffering from seasonal allergies such as, watery eye, sneezing and a stuffy nose can get rid of them by consuming green tea. It mainly contains the anti allergic properties that help in fighting these allergies. A Japanese company’s research has shown that the antioxidants and the compound methylated gallate present in green tea, are in a position to block cell receptors that cause allergy. This syndrome can be put to an end by regularly taking green tea. The symptoms that come along with poorly functioning digestive system, are intensive abdominal pains, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Doctor recommend that one suffering from the intense abdominal disorder to consume green tea which is decaffeinate and also when it is hot. Depression can be cured by consuming green tea. Depression sign such as loss of interest in routine activities, unexplained sadness, and loss of appetite can be decreased by green tea consumption.