Congratulations!  You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start your own page online.  You are now joining the “digital generation” and even though you are still a bit uneasy about it there will be no turning back.  You must start by getting your own domain and name.  This sounds easy but it can be more important than you can imagine.  The folks at Namecheap can assist you in this first shaky step.  Since you are doing it as part of establishing your business presence, you must think of your name and domain as your public representations of yourself.  All your future customers, clients, potential partners or representatives will see you through whatever you present on that screen.  And they will interpret you through the meaning(s) – intended or unintended – that come across when they read that domain name.  So don’t just pull something out of the air as a lark.  Try to create something that will draw respect while also giving the random viewer a positive impression.  Use a Groupon promo code to get a professional name hosting plan that can assist in the development of your domain name.

Keep in mind that you can obtain a domain name for prices as low as $8.00 per year.  However, when you are looking for something recognizable and unique, you may pay substantially more.  So draw a line between the degree of recognition and identification you desire and the amount you will pay.  Then see what you can get when you use your Groupon promo code.


Your next phase is to design the site you’ve purchased.  For this effort you should begin with the recognition that it is a never-ending process.  A good web page is always growing, developing, changing, and adding new elements, discarding old ones and responding to comments and feedback from visitors and friends.  Indeed, that flexibility and change process is the very thing that makes the site good; it is dynamic and responsive to new circumstances.  When your domain and site have that characteristic you can feel a sense of satisfaction because your site is continuously growing and adapting to the world as it does the same.