Field Engineer ( Launches as Freelance Marketplace to Connect Telecom Engineers and Businesses

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Powerful platform streamlines slow and costly talent/job search, interviewing, vetting, hiring and paying processes by transcending “old school recruitment hurdles.”

Field Engineer (, a freelance marketplace designed to connect telecom engineers and telecom businesses based on a powerful platform that streamlines slow and costly talent/job search, interviewing, vetting, hiring and paying processes, has launched amidst a flurry of anticipation. Billed as a “simple process that eliminates barriers of the analog age,” the platform targets businesses and talent who are looking to transcend “old school recruitment hurdles” and is already proving itself to be an indispensable global marketplace.

“The New York-based brains behind Field engineer marketplace live, breathe and bleed telecom,”explains Malik Zakaria, founder and CEO of“As such, we’re dedicated to directly connecting telecom field engineers and the businesses that hire them to unleash opportunities in an era of ‘insatiable digital demand;’

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Shipping Carrier in the UK

As of 2016, the e-commerce business in the United Kingdom was worth 153 billion euros or 133 billion pounds. This figure shows a 16{a72a954ca953bd047b76657e284521b7fd6a3812d8bcab58d52660f8f535eb03} growth from the 132 billion euros recorded the previous year, indicating the growing popularity of e-commerce in the UK. That being said, putting up a successful business online is not an easy task.


At the initial stages, besides performing fun, interesting tasks such as spreading the word in social media and designing your website, you will also have to choose a shipping carrier. That, our dear reader, is neither of those things. You can always compare the quality of services offered by carriers to make sure that your customers get the best delivery services.


How to Choose a Shipping Carrier


Considering that you will be receiving orders from different parts of the world, you need to give your customers some options. You can …