Free WordPress Themes Vs Premium WordPress Themes

Over the last decade, wordpress have become very popular because of the fact that there are a lot of great website that are created along with WordPress themes that were developed by designers. As you know, there are two types of WordPress themes available in the market and these are the free WordPress themes and the premium WordPress themes. When someone asks me what would be the best theme to use for their WordPress site, I would simply answer premium themes, then they would ask me again, why use premium themes when I can use a free WordPress themes?

For more than a decade when WordPress first came out on the market, there has been a lot of debate on free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes. Both premium themes and free WordPress themes are great, the only difference is that type of website that you want to create.

Continue reading this article as I will briefly discuss the pros and cons of premium WordPress themes and the free WordPress themes.
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Free WordPress themes advantages
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One of the most obvious is that, it is FREE! You do not have to worry about financial risks that is involved in using these free themes. If you are not happy with the first theme that you installed, you can simply delete it and use a new one.

There is a wide selection of themes that you can choose from. you can search using free themes and it will take you to website that offers free themes for WordPress.

The disadvantages of free themes
Since it is a free theme, do not expect that there is an update available.

Whenever problem arise there is no help coming from the developer.

The quality of each of the free themes may vary.

These free themes are often developed and designed for blogging purposes.

The premium wordpress themes can range from $25 – $180 this is because it is developed by created by a team of website developers. Most often, when premium themes are designed it is because they are passionate about the business. You also have to remember that these premium theme developers no do not want to jeopardize their own reputation by creating poor products.

The advantages of a premium theme

These themes are great looking. These premium themes are beautifully made, stylish and professional as compared to a free WordPress themes.
if you are going to use a premium theme, you also have to expect that there are frequent updates for the theme this is because the developer always makes an update.

Having trouble with the premium theme you just installed? No need to worry since you will get the help you need.

When you want to customize your premium theme, it is as simple as learning ABC. If you are to use free WordPress themes, you have to first learn and understand the basics of coding, while in premium WordPress theme, you don’t have to.