Tips for Surviving a Zombie Attack The uncertainty in the country only makes one thing certain: a zombie apocalypse. The political scene has drastically changed and people from diverse ideologies are trying to gain support from the public. Moreover, you may have started to realize the impact of climate change with the string of bushfires experienced in different parts of the country. These are just a few of the examples that show the dawn of a zombie attack is about to come. You had better be ready when a zombie attack happens. You can read zombie blogs to get information on how to survive an attack. Another option is to simply use common sense during an attack. If you want to be prepared for a zombie attack, follow the two tips below. Prepare a Survival Kit One of the things you will need during a zombie attack is a survival kit. The kit will be crucial to your survival during an attack in which you end up escaping to an unfamiliar territory. For example, the kit can have medical supplies, food, water and various navigation gadgets. When assembling a survival kit, you should be practical.
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Unlike what most people think, a survival kit should not be small. The zombie survival kit can be as big as you want. The most important thing is that you should be able to carry the kit along in case of an attack. Some of the items that should be in a standard survival kit include a short-wave radio, torch, batteries, knives, utility tools, sturdy boots, clothing and copies of your identification documents. You will need most of the supplies to survive the first week of a zombie apocalypse. However, it is important to ensure the kit is updated on a regular basis. Discuss about the necessary items to include in the kit and check the supplies to ensure they have not spoilt. For example, the water you may have stored may be contaminated. Inspecting the kit of a regular basis will ensure that in case of an attack, you will have the right supplies to keep you alive. Keep in mind that during a zombie attack, communication can be a problem. During an apocalypse, the electricity grid may not be working and communication systems might be shut down. This being the case, you should plan your communication by having a battery operated radio. Stay Prepared When you have gathered your survival kit supplies, the next thing to consider is shelter. The best shelter to go for will mainly depend on the kind of zombie attack that may have happened. Of course, it is nearly impossible to know the type of attack that will occur. However, this does not mean you should not be prepared for any eventuality.