You’d be hard-pressed to find a member of the workforce who doesn’t think they deserve a promotion. However, few of these individuals put forth the effort to earn the promotions they feel they’re owed. Keeping your head down and hoping your superiors take notice of your hard work is seldom an effective course of action, particularly if you work for a large company. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should throw in the towel and give up on getting the promotion you seek. Anyone willing to go the extra mile to earn a promotion is sure to be well-served by the following pointers.

1. Continue Your Education

Going back to school and earning an advanced degree is a great way to increase your earning power and elicit positive attention from your superiors. If the promotion you seek requires a level of education that you don’t possess, it’s in your best interest to return to school and get your hands on the necessary degree(s). There’s also a chance that your employer will pay for your continued education, thus ensuring that a strain isn’t put on your personal finances. To get more information on how an advanced degree can boost your promotion prospects, pay a visit to Bright Move.

2. Step into a Leadership Role

When dealing with group projects, many employees opt to hang back and take a hands-off approach. Not only does this make them unpopular with their peers, it also stands to draw negative attention from the people in charge. Conversely, taking on an active leadership role in collaborative projects can bolster your reputation with both coworkers and bosses. When considering candidates for promotions, many bosses place a strong emphasis on leadership abilities.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Claim Credit for Your Own Work

Although claiming credit for other people’s work is typically frowned upon in professional settings, there’s no reason you should be afraid to take credit for your own accomplishments. In some workplaces, making your superiors aware of your hard work is the only effective way to bring your accomplishments to their attention.

Getting ahead in the professional world can be an uphill battle. As a result, many members of the workforce simply give up on being recognized for their achievements and spend their careers stewing in bitterness. However, while it’s true that earning a promotion can be difficult, it’s by no means impossible – particularly if you’re armed with the proper tips. Continuing your education, regularly stepping into leadership roles and claiming credit for your own work can prove tremendously helpful in getting you the promotion you deserve.